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Private wealth management as your personal CFO

PFM's mission is to deliver the highest level of financial and investment management to help our clients make the most of their financial resources.

PFM serves inspiring individuals that have created and stewarded wealth adeptly in high growth companies, small businesses, executive roles, and dynamic families. We help make their money work harder in all areas of their financial lives.  

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Serving as Your Personal CFO

Just as the Chief Financial Officer of a business broadly enhances the financial execution of a company, we look for opportunities to add value in all areas of your financial life with planning and execution.

Every CEO gets value slightly differently from their CFO, what remains constant is our passion and ability to help across the financial spectrum of your life. 

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The Endowment Model of Investment Management

We tailor your investment portfolio to your personal financial situation and unique opportunity set to ensure your risk and reward is properly managed to your unique life.

We do this across public and private assets with strategies that meet the highest standards of academic, scientific, and empirical evidence.  

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Personal CFO

Financial Independence Planning

Portfolio sustainability analysis
Retirement scenarios
Sustainable spending
Cashflow mgmt
Legacy asset mgmt

Tax Planning

Lifetime tax management
Retirement plan benefits
Asset location
Prop 19
Charitable Giving
Deferred Comp Plans

Multigenerational Planning

Harmonious family coordination
Asset protection
Estate planning
Trust mgmt
International estate mgmt
Legacy planning

Incentive Stock

Pre-IPO equity
ISOs and NQs
10b5-1 Plan Design

Small Business Owners

Retirement Plans
Solo 401ks
Defined Benefit Plans
Exit Strategies

And More

Education planning

Life & disability insurance analysis

Property and casualty analysis

Company benefits

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Impact Investing

And more...

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Evidence-Based Investment Management

Risk Management

Risk depends on the needs of the investor. If you need money tomorrow, the risk is that the value drops today. If you need money in 20 or 50 years, your risk is that the money doesn't earn as much as it could. 

That is why we start by matching a client's investments to their cash needs; then adjust for tolerance for volatility.

Long Term Focus

A long-term focus has been shown to improve outcomes for investors.

Having a high hurdle for tactical portfolio adjustments leads to lower costs, lower taxes, and only the most compelling opportunities being added to your portfolio.

Asset Specific Strategies

The most efficient way to participate in capitalism varies from asset to asset.

The safest assets require a focused attention on cost and tax efficiency.

Stocks and higher income assets need to capture higher growth while managing risk in a diversified portfolio.

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PFM offers ongoing engagements for which it charges based on the below annualized fee schedule. One quarter of the annualized fee schedule is charged per quarter based on the beginning value of assets under management (AUM) subject to a $6,250 minimum. Larger and more complex situations may be subject to a higher minimum to be agreed in writing in advance.

$0-$2.5M - 1%

$2.5M-$7.5M - 0.75%

$7.5M-$20M - 0.5%

$20M+ - 0.35%

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